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Made for Families

ASD Strategies in Action

An online video-based learning solution that provides everyone in your family with practical information, real-life examples, and skills they can use to care for and support loved ones with autism spectrum disorder from early childhood through young adulthood.

Parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins. If you live with, love, or support someone on the autism spectrum, this training is for you.

How it Works for You

  • Access online video training from your home or on the go when you need it most
  • Complete courses any time and at your own pace
  • Watch how strategies help families with social, communication, and behavior challenges
  • See how young children, students, and adults build independence across a range of life skills
  • Hear directly from children, students, and adults with ASD and their families about their experiences
  • Implement strategies immediately as you learn them
  • Better understand and advocate for what works for your loved one in the home, school, and community
  • Listen as experts explain how the strategies work for you

Meet the Families

The families you see here are just a few who appear in ASD Strategies in Action. You’ll learn from them how strategies can be used in the home.

Jen and Josh

Jen and Josh

Christine and Colin

Christine and Colin

Allison and Summer

Allison and Summer

Greg and Hayden

Greg and Hayden

Share with Others

This resource is made for you and made for sharing with others. You can take it to an IEP meeting, a parent night at school, a neighbor’s house, or to your local recreation center. The opportunities are endless. Get creative!

A parent and a expert talking at a table
  • Providers at home
  • Recreational activities and summer camps
  • Child care centers
  • Teachers and support staff
  • After-school programs
  • Job coaches and co-workers

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Making an Impact

ASD Strategies in Action is making a difference in the lives of individuals and families across the country.

It is easy to use. The information is provided very clearly and can be easily applied to real life.

A tremendous opportunity to gain a better understanding of ASD and the information provided can profoundly impact lives.

As I watched the video, I started thinking about making any potential caregivers (sitters, aides) watch the video before providing care to my children.

I am a parent of a recently diagnosed young adult and am playing “catch up” and also needing to explain what my daughter needs from her new services. This curriculum will be sent to them by me.

It enables me to understand the frustration that my grandson feels when confronting a new situation. I know that he is not merely acting out and seeking attention.

It will be very beneficial having the general public be exposed to such an educational module to help them understand and support individuals with ASD and their families.