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Overcoming Obstacles to Learning
Modifying Tasks

Many experiences, new and routine, involve multiple steps or demands. For example, the seemingly simple act of getting a glass of water requires opening the cupboard, taking out the glass, closing the cupboard, turning on the faucet, recognizing when the glass is full, and turning off the faucet before the glass overflows. Consider how many steps are involved in things like completing a task at work, going bowling with friends, or getting ready for bed. As a parent or provider, you want the individual with ASD to participate in as many routines and learning opportunities as possible, but you know that specific parts of the activity may be difficult. In this module, we will explore ways to identify and overcome social, emotional, motor, executive functioning, and sensory obstacles so that individuals with ASD can successfully participate in routines and activities throughout the day.

Estimated Time to Complete Module: 90 minutes

Introduction Chapter 1: Definition Chapter 2: Types of Obstacles Chapter 3: How it Works: Overcoming Social-Communication and Executive Functioning Obstacles Chapter 4: How it Works: Overcoming Sensory, Motor, and Emotional Regulation Obstacles Chapter 5: Putting It all Together