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Reinforcement 1

We all participate in activities and learn new things because there is something that we enjoy about them. We are motivated by what will follow the things we do, whether it’s cooking dinner, going to work, or getting a tissue after we sneeze. Over time, doing these “behaviors” has been reinforced by something—maybe it’s eating the food after cooking, or maybe it’s the praise from others who eat the food we make; It could be the paycheck we get after working or interactions with our co-workers when we’re there; maybe using a tissue is reinforced by having a clean nose after wiping or maybe it’s the feeling of the tissue on your nose. In this module, you will learn about different types of reinforcers and how to use reinforcement techniques to motivate children with ASD to participate in routines and activities.

Estimated Time to Complete Module: 75 minutes

Introduction Chapter 1: Definition Chapter 2: Natural, Special Interest, Tangible and Edible Reinforcers Chapter 3: Activity and Social Reinforcers Chapter 4: Finding What Works